More than just another owners corporation manager

Is your owner’s corporation manager unresponsive? Is there an ‘us versus them’ mentality between owners and the owners corporation manager? Is there a lack of transparency in decision making, tendering of works, or financial matters? Does your owners corporation have the skills to manage disputes? When they go on leave, is there a gap in the services your owners corporation manager provides? Does your owners corporation manager have your best interests at heart?

These are some of the common problems that strata property owners face.

When you employ a Beyond Owners Corporation Manager, you’re hiring more than just someone who will manage your OC.

With Beyond Strata, you are not only getting a proactive owners corporation manager, but also a whole team that will be behind the owners corporation manager, enabling them to spend more time with you, giving you multiple contact points so that your concerns or queries are answered in a timely manner.

We started our business to give owners control of their assets, and to help manage strata requirements with cutting-edge technology, great customer experience, and a highly experienced strata team. We are looking to drive transparency for owners and improve the accountability of owners corporation managers while building a new ecosystem for the industry.

Managing property has become highly complex

Hiring a reliable owners corporation manager with expertise is more important today than it has ever been because managing property issues has become highly complex. Buildings are larger, legislation and regulations are constantly evolving, and the industry is facing unprecedented issues, such as short-term rentals, flammable cladding, financial pressures and worryingly high levels of building defects.

The Beyond Strata team has it covered.

We can help owners corporations run the most efficient and productive meetings that are based on outcomes and accountability. We understand, not only the legislative requirements for meetings, but we also can assist with overseeing meetings and record keeping.

Our team is also trained to resolve disputes, which can unfortunately arise from time to time among lot owners or between owners and the developers of a building. Beyond Strata is also experienced in defect and cladding rectification, and has access to high quality consultants to ease members through these difficult times.

Beyond Strata has also developed its own world-leading strata management platform. ‘Intellistrata’, as the platform is known, holds all your financial and non-financial information in the one system. It is a source of real-time data, accessible from anywhere in the world, for all your property-related financial information, including levies, sinking funds, and balance sheets. We have access portals for owners, owner’s corporation committee members, and building managers where you can access our platform via your computer, tablets and mobiles, anywhere, anytime.

Intellistrata’s data is always accurate, up to date, easy to access real time, and held securely. Owners and committee members always have complete transparency about what is happening with their building, funds in the bank and what their strata manager is doing through our easy-to-understand dashboards. For example, all invoices can be accessed online easily if you have any questions about why a certain bill was paid.

Beyond Strata also has access to an extensive number of high-quality suppliers and contractors who we have worked with over time, and we know are the best people to maintain your property impeccably at reasonable rates. One of our main priorities is to keep your property in tip-top shape, always. We always provide a number of quotations quickly and allow owners corporation committee members to decide easily.

If your building is new, we can help you establish the owners corporation and liaise directly with developers. We can advise owners and developers on establishing effective strata plans that not only create efficiency in cost allocation but help to create smooth running sustainable communities that are a pleasure to live in. We can assist in the selection of suitable contractors and have established relationships with a range of building management companies and teams to ensure your development is in safe hands. We can even ensure the OC manager is on site in the first months of a development to provide assistance to residents, and the development team.

If your property is currently self-managed but you feel it is time for some support, speak to us about designing a more tailored service model that will allow you to enjoy autonomy, while at the same time receiving the support you need.

More time for clients

But most importantly at Beyond Strata, our efficient systems, proactive managers and centralised customer experience team mean we have more time to spend with you, our clients.

We have more time to answer your questions, to assist in resolving disputes, to manage each property and ensure they are kept in good order, to address issues in a timely and constructive way and, most importantly, the Beyond Strata team will always look at ways to reduce costs for you, increase revenue through new avenues, help avoid nasty financial bills through special levies, and improve the experience for people living in the building through the introduction community activities / services.

The measure of our success? We want owners to see us as partners not just a service provider and build a relationship of trust and joint responsibility to ensure we set the new benchmark in strata management. We look after buildings as though they are our own, and make them buildings we can all be proud of.

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